Sensor technology at the highest level

Proxitron is a traditional, globally represented company, developing, manufacturing & supplying to the widest field of electronic ‘Sensor technology’. They have accumulated more than 35 years of application experience throughout industry & other environments, including: Agriculture, the Metal Working industries, Steel & Rolling Mills, Air Conditioning, the Offshore industry, Food & Beverage, Systems & Machine construction, etc. Development and production of their products is carried out exclusively in Germany: which ensures that the highest possible standards are consistently maintained – especially for the most demanding application requirements, which are their specialities! They are ISO-certified and never compromise on quality.

Whether the extremes they can now offer to meet these difficult demand areas are their very latest:
‘IP… ProxiPlus’ Inductive Range with ‘Up to 100% Longer Switching distance’,
or the new Inductive Proximity switches for:
– Higher ambient temperature, type ‘ProxiHeat’; up to +120°C, (with variations to +230°C),
or, conversely, for:
– Lower ambient temperature, type ‘ProxiPolar’; (down to -40°C), or even their new
‘Proxi-Teach’ and ‘Teach-In’ function setting systems that automatically adjust to the optimum Proximity switch sensing distance, or set the flow Monitor’s switching point to half the normal flow rate, just by simply holding down a push button for 3 seconds! … No more messing around with time consuming, fiddley potentiometers …. such interesting developments take them right up to the top of their game.


Capton Division