System-P Taperbushes

System-P Taperbushes

Adaption bushes for mounting System-P machined pulleys, etc. onto a full range of different shaft sizes.

These taper bushes with full length, Cap head Screws are manufactured from the highest grade quality materials.

Installation of the bushes with their mating transmission components is simple and requires only an Allen Key.

The ‘Top-Hat’ design, with its large flange seating deep & ‘flush’, with long screws that are fully tightened – even stretched – ensures secure, definitive ‘Self-centering’.

With its long, externally tapered boss, power is transmitted via clamping, across the full covered shaft length & circumference – a large area – which spreads the load & thereby excludes the possibility of any oxidation, due to friction fatigue.(FRETTING CORROSION).

Where sudden and repeated reversals are present, this strong, broad grip of the bush on the shaft saves the key from possible rupture and consequently working out of its keyway.
Where, by contrast, rotation is slow, without unexpected variations, the transmission component-bush can often be mounted directly on the shaft, without the need for a key, or keyway.

By purchasing the pulley (or, other transmission component) together with the bush, no finish-machining for any bores and keyway will be necessary.

Bushes are available in a full range of bores and are supplied complete with keyway to UNI 6604-69 and DIN 6885.


  • Cast Iron or Steel
  • 10 to 170mm bore
  • Ideal locking system
  • Front or back mounting
  • Fully metric product

System-P Taperbushes

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