Series 2000 Disengaging/Reversing

Series 2000 Disengaging/Reversing Gearbox 4-Bolt

The reversing gearboxes offer the same basic design features as the Standard 2000 range of right angle gearboxes, with the additional facility for reversing the output shaft rotation. The reversing gearboxes are engineered for an input speed (shaft A) of 1400 rpm.

Inside the housing, a train of three bevel gears is mounted, together with a three positions control knob:

  • CENTRAL POSITION: idle output shaft
  • LEFT POSITION: rotation in one direction
  • RIGHT POSITION: rotation in the opposite direction Reversing must be made when shafts are standstill (especially the output shaft).

Series 2000 Disengaging/Reversing gearboxes are designed for applications requiring a housing with 4 holes.

Series 2000 Disengaging/Reversing

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