RPP 'Versatile' Timing Pulleys & Belts

RPP ‘Versatile’ Timing Pulleys & Belts

Delivering high torque at low speeds, directly replacing roller chain drives with a no maintenance system.

The RPP range uses a broad range of pulley size & types to suit your application, as well as three systems of belts based on application need. From basic RPP with fiberglass cords and Neoprene body, to RPP Gold with its high tech Elastomer body with nylon & graphite reinforcements.

  • RPP Standard
  • RPP Silver
  • RPP Gold
  • Endless or Closed belts
  • Bore to Suit Pulleys
  • Taperbush Pulleys
  • System P Pulleys

RPP 'Versatile' Timing Pulleys & Belts

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