Position adjustable Trip Dogs, on Linear, or Semi-Circular Rails and Drums

General information on trip rails/trip dogs

Trip rails and trip dogs are successfully used in conjunction with multiple limit switches in all areas of mechanical and systems engineering and for solving automation tasks. They are needed wherever travel-dependent positioning of various work steps is required.

The particular advantages of the combination include:

  • Very high accuracy (to 0.002 mm).
  • Long mechanical life (low mechanical wear and resistant to corrosion due to selected materials).
  • Easy to use (user-friendly fastening and adjustment using refined precision mechanics).

Trip rails and trip dogs are available in two variants. The function is exactly the same, in principle they only differ in the adjustment of the dog.

U-trip rails enable the trip dogs to be adjusted from the switch side. The trips dogs can be installed and adjusted quickly and easily in any location.
Materials are cast iron or aluminium.
U-trip dogs are designed for usage in U-trip rails. They have a split plate clamp mechanism and enable delicate, accurate adjustment, even when the limit switch is activated.

G-trip rails enable the trip dogs to be adjusted from the side opposite the switch. They are made of steel and are protected from corrosion by a special surface treatment. The G-trip rails can be ordered pre-assembled or as a kit for self-assembly.
G-trip dogs are designed for usage in G-trip rails. The trip dogs are clamped by a hexagon socket head screw with spring washer. This spring washer locks the trip dog in place even when the trip rail is in a vertical position and allows precise

Trip Rails/Dogs

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