Path and Distance Measurement (Type MK..)

for measurement of metallic objects

What is an inductive analogue sensor?
The measurement-taker among sensors: Inductive analogue sensors are the evolution of the inductive proximity switch and enable the measurement of a distance or position change rather than the simple detection of metal objects.
Proxitron analogue sensors generate electromagnetic fields, which are influenced by metals. The more metal in the sensor area, the greater the influence. This enables determination of the distance or position between the sensor and the object. Proxitron analogue sensors are put to use in areas where optical distance sensors are overstrained by the influence of water and dirt.
What task do analogue sensors perform?
Our teach technology enables simple adjustment of the mea-surement range, linearisation or a reversal of the output signal. Using the serial RS485 interface it is possible to individually query and evaluate multiple sensors in BUS operation. Almost all types of our inductive proximity switches are also available with an analogue output. For more demanding challenges we offer you variants with increased heat resistance or special housings, which are capable of withstanding severe demands posed by aggressive chemical substances. Proxitron analogue sensors are used in applications where seamless operation is essential. Our many years of experience enable your analyses where more complex challenges apply, and facilitate the design of more practical solutions.

Special features

  • insensitive to contamination
  • wear and maintenance-free
  • moisture resistant
  • adjustable measuring range and linearisation
  • also for higher ambient temperatures
  • large selection of construction types
  • various analogue outputs
  • extremely high protection class > IP69K
  • BUS-capable

Example application areas
Energy management and wind power, rail engineering, rotating furnaces, wire processing, motor construction, metal forming, system and machine construction, wine-growing, agriculture, automotive industry.


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