Light Barriers (Type LA.., LL.., LR.., LS.., and LT..)

for material tracking and object detection with an extremely high range

What is a light barrier?
A clever “little fellow”: A light barrier sends a light signal that is registered by a receiver. If the light signal is interrupted by an object, a switching signal is generated. Light barriers are therefore ideal for detecting hot and cold objects. Proxitron light barriers are insensitive to interference light and infrared radiation from other heat sources and therefore detect objects reliably – also in furnaces. The high switching speed facilitates assured monitoring even with extremely rapid processes, with response times of up to one millisecond.

What task do light barriers perform?
Light barriers from Proxitron exhibit extremely high ranges and are therefore highly suited for use in harsh environments. Be it vapour, water, dust or dirt – Proxitron light barriers set new benchmarks when it comes to operating assurance and functional reserves. Their robust construction guarantees assured operation under extreme conditions such as vibration, radiant heat and high temperatures. Depending on requirements, Proxitron offers through-beam light barriers, retro-reflective sensors and diffuse sensors. In addition to the standard version in a stainless steel housing with integrated electronics, we also offer special variants with a cooling jacket housing for ambient temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Light barriers with separate evaluation, fiber optic cables and separate optics are even able to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius.

Special features

  • extremely high range
  • high functional reserves
  • insensitive to contamination
  • shock and vibration-proof
  • wear and maintenance-free
  • extremely fast response characteristics
  • for ambient temperatures up to + 600 °C
  • large selection of construction types and connection variants
  • complete accessory range

Example application areas
Hot and cold rolling, pipe production, raw steel production, sheet metal processing, pressing, steel industry, system and machine construction, automotive industry, forging, hot deformation, furnace construction.


Thru-Beam Sensors

Laser Light Barrier

Retro-Reflective Sensor

Light Grid

Diffuse Sensor


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