Inductive Sensors

for contactless detection of metal objects

What is an inductive proximity switch?
Powerful sensor with sensitivity: Inductive proximity switches are superbly well suited for the contactless detection of metal objects. A metal object situated in the sensor range of the prox-imity switch influences its electromagnetic field and in doing so generates a switching signal. This allows the assured and wear- free detection of the positions of metal objects and machine parts. The major advantage of the inductive proximity switch: Its almost unlimited insensitivity to water and dirt. Our Proxi-Teach® technology offers assured operation under all conditions. Our sensors with extremely high switching distances enable metal detection even where conventional standard sensors fail.

Where are inductive proximity switches used?
Inductive proximity switches from Proxitron are often used in steel production and metal-working industries – favoured by system and machine constructors when “things get hot“ and chemical resistance is required. In addition to a broad selection of industrial standard solutions, we offer variants aligned with more complex conditions as well as tailored individual solutions. Our many years of experience in the field of sensor technology also make it possible to overcome complicated challenges, detect and solve potential problems in advance. We therefore offer you the optimum solution for almost every application area.

Special features

  • insensitive to contamination and wear-free
  • chemical and moisture resistance
  • vibration, shake and shock-proof
  • high switching distances
  • ambient temperatures up to + 250 °C
  • large selection of construction types
  • various operating voltages
  • short circuit-proof and reverse polarity protection
  • extremely high protection class >IP69K
  • broad selection of different connection and cable variants

Example application areas
rolling mills, metal forming, system and machine construction, automotive industry, food processing, packaging industry, Steel production, agriculture, defence, rail engineering.


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Pointing/Cylindrical/Round (Type IK..)
Favourable series models – high temperature – high switching distance – Teach-In

Threaded (Type IKL.)
Threaded, plastic housed inductive sensors

Sensor-Strips (Type IKU 0…)
Lengths up to 500 mm – extremely quick – Teach In – e.g. for monitoring of can lines

ProxiPlus (Type IP..)
NEW: Inductive Sensors with up to 100% more switching distance

Ring sensors (Type IKV.)
Ringsensors from Proxitron – extremely small – offset oscillation frequency for row installation

Inductive High Temperature
Up to 250 °C ambient temperature for steelwork and furnance application

Surface Sensors (Type IKU.)
up to 1.000 mm monitoring widths – high switching distance – extremely robust

Inductive Distance Measuring (Type MK..)
concentricity – centering – sorting – detection – counting – extension

Inductive Speed Controller (Type IDL.)
compact  –  inductive  –  AC/DC  –  1-6000 lmp/min  –  non-contact  –  reliable


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