GDR Coupling

GDR Gear Couplings with NYLON SLEEVE

GDR couplings comprise of 2 solid steel hubs, each with external gear teeth one end, coupled by means of a 6.6 Polyamide Nylon outer Sleeve, with internally moulded straight teeth. The hub teeth are both crowned & barrelled, thereby eliminating edge pressures, minimising tooth reactive forces and providing for radial, angular & axial misalignment accommodation.

They are of compact design, with a high torque transmission capacity, relative to their size & weight. The steel & Nylon tooth engagement combination provides a low friction characteristic, which consequently eliminates both wear and the need for lubrication and maintenance.

Continuous operating temperatures from -25?C to +90?C, with short periods of up to +125?C, are permissible. [Higher temperature Sleeve material details, on request].

Both Standard & Extended length Hubs are available in all sizes, making 3 coupling length variations possible for each size. Standard Hubs are stocked, either un-bored, or with imperial & metric finish bores & Keyways (Please enquire for details). These cover:

  • from 14mm to 65mm diameter shafts and
  • transmission torques from 6Nm to 350Nm.

The couplings are also electrically isolating.

GDR Gear Couplings with NYLON SLEEVE

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