GDA Gear Couplings

GDA Gear Couplings with STEEL SLEEVE

GDA couplings comprise of 2 solid steel hubs, each with external gear teeth one end, coupled by means of a solid steel outer Sleeve, with internal straight teeth, sealed at each end by a single lip Nitrile seal, both retained by a circlip. The sleeve is machined from R80-90 Kg/sq. mm grade steel, whilst the hubs are machined from carbon steel with the teeth being high frequency hardened. Both sleeve and hubs are machined all over, making the coupling especially suitable for high speed applications, as the parts are in perfect dynamic balance.

The hub teeth are both crowned & barrelled and accurately machined to ensure that clearances between the meshing teeth are kept to a minimum, without limiting the flexibility required to accommodate radial, angular & axial shaft misalignments.

They require continuous grease lubrication, which can be fed in through the special re-grease plug hole located in the sleeve. The Nitrile rubber lip seals, retained by circlips, ensure a positive seal to the sleeve chamber.

Both Standard & Extended length Hubs are available in all sizes, making 3 coupling length variations possible for each size. Standard Hubs are stocked un-bored. The Range covers:

  • from 28mm to 200mm diameter shafts and
  • transmission torques from 210Nm to 55,000Nm.


GDA Gear Couplings with STEEL SLEEVE

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