‘POGGI’ Spiral Bevel, Right Angle Gearbox Ranges

The POGGI Right Angle Gearbox palate comprises of 4, Groups, for transmission Torques up to 50Nm, with Shaft sizes from 8mm to 25mm diameter. They are used predominantly in Packaging machines – but also numerous other, similar machines in many other industries.  The bevel gearboxes take drive lines into a perpendicular direction (2-Way), splits the line into 2 (3-Way) – or even into 3 (4-Way) – perpendicular direction outputs, with options for fixed speed reduction (Ratios 1:2 & 1:3), reversing rotation direction (through a gear train) (either fixed or, by manual adjustment), or full disengagement, by manual sliding, rotating tap.

3 of the Groups (Series 2000, Series 2000[Mech. Disengaging/Reversing] & Series 4000) provide:

  • Light weight, visually attractive/quality finish, precision die cast, Aluminium housings.
  • ‘Gleason’ spiral bevel gears – providing an advancing, simultaneous mesh across several adjacent teeth’, and:
  • Smooth, backlash-free, evenly distributed, high load transmission, enhanced by bi-directional ‘running-in’, in pairs.

The other, 5000 Series, Group gearboxes provide:

  • Both housings and shafts in the superior ‘AISI 316’ Stainless Steel (in preference to the more commonly sourced ‘AISI 304’)
  • For applications in harsher environments, such as food, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, chemical, textile, photographic, paper and other industries.
  • Substantially superior corrosion resistance, with a wider range of applications:
  • Especially, in atmospheric conditions, (both normal & saline), e.g. sea water, chemical substances & food (usually critical for most steels).
  • Ergonomic housing design, enhanced by shot blast & electro-polished surfaces, preventing trapped liquid, powder & similar external contamination.
  • Dimensionally identical to – and thus totally interchangeable with – Series 4000.

The Original A.2000 Series leads the pack, with:-

  • 5 superior Quality finish aluminium casting sizes.
  • 2, 3 & 4-Way Shaft Units, with ‘common output’ shafts, ‘Independent’ shafts & ‘Hollow’ Shaft options
  • 1:2 and 1:3 gearing speed reduction options, in addition to 1:1 ratio gearing,
  • Universal symmetry about the input shaft axis, allows the gearboxes to be installed either way up.
  • Compact, Monobloc ‘Square’ case dimensions permit widely spaced, more stable (‘4-chair-leg’ principle) mounting holes through cast lug bosses on the squarer body configuration.
  • Mounting is also available, via spigot location, with 4 fixing holes, on each flange face (including the non-shaft flange on 2-Way Units).
  • Keys are provided, fitted to each keyway (NB. Smallest size A. 2000/2002 have no keyways)
  • Close tolerance gear cutting & high accuracy assembly ensures extremely low noise levels.
  • Optimum design input running speed of 1,400 RPM, provides a trouble-free, average design operating life of 10,000 hours.
  • All shafts are carried by generously sized, quality, deep groove, established make ball bearings, widely spanned to provide adequate support for both the gear loading, as well as any external radial loads imposed by mounted pulleys, or similar.
  • Standard, single-lip, Nitrile rubber seals (with metal insert reinforcement & gaiter spring), of established make are fitted to ensure positive, long-life, prevention of both, the ingress of external contamination, as well as the possibility of any lubricant leakage.
  • All units are supplied fully charged with synthetic oil, for life, sufficient for the gears to splash-feed all parts requiring lubrication, from the oil bath
  • Angular Clearance, alignment accuracy on final gear train assembly is held to within 15’-30’ of arc.
  • Due to the ‘Monobloc’ compact design, operating case-temperature should be kept within the permissible limits of -18ᴼC and + 80ᴼC

The A.2000 [Mech. Disengaging/Reversing] Series provides:

  • The same basic design features as the 2000 Series 3 & 4-Way gear train versions, but enhanced by inclusion of the additional disengaging/re-engaging facility.
  • This is for manual disconnection &/or reversed-rotation re-engagement of the output drive shaft(s).
  • Achieved via manual rotation of an external control knob/tap, which is mounted on a control spindle with fork, bent at 90ᴼ, located internally into the groove of a splined shaft-connecting, axially sliding, control sleeve.
  • Engagement/disengagement is achieved by travel along an externally splined collar, which is permanently keyed to output shaft(s).
  • The control knob can rotate through 3 positive positions, each approx. 20ᴼ apart, with the control fork located through spring-loaded ball detents.
  • The control sleeve can also engage with a similar set of external splines cut into the boss of either of 2, alternative, bevel gears in the power train of 3 straight gears.
  • Engagement in one direction provides a forward output rotation, whilst engagement in the other direction provides reverse output shaft rotation.
  • Central positioning of the control knob fully disconnects the output drive, allowing it the option to ‘idle’, or ‘freewheel’. There are 3 design versions.

The A.4000 Series differs from the A.2000 Series as follows:

  • Housing shape is of a ‘T’ configuration
  • Only 3 through-body mounting holes provided, drilled into, triangular positioned, cast lug bosses on the ‘T’-shaped body.
  • Only 1 rotation/handing option for 2-Way Units,
  • Slightly different shaft sizes
  • No fitted keys to keyways supplied.
  • Only 1:1 and 1:2 rotation speed options available
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