Poggi “AISI 316 Stainless Steel” Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gear Box – A.5000 Series

Achieving EXCEPTIONAL CORROSION RESISTANCE, for application in the FOOD, PHARMACEUTICALS, SHIPBUILDING, CHEMICALS, TEXTILE, PAPER, PHOTOGRAPHIC and other Industries, POGGI’s latest innovative, ‘ergonomic’ design of the A.5000 Series, AISI 316 Stainless Steel (Gleason Spiral Bevels) Right Angle Gearboxes, matches the external, flange, connections & shaft dimensions of the A.4000 Aluminium Series; thereby enabling full ‘interchangeability’.

S Series Schmidt-Kupplung® using max. Tangential offset

For a multi-station print coating test line, a batch of 4 smaller Schmidt-Kupplung®, Type S 150 were supplied to R. K. Printcoat to achieve highly accurate, precision colour print coating (one colour over another), to within microns. This demanded accurate product transfer between the 4 stations.

10 x Semiflex® for vacuum card printing machine feed rolls

A roll gap height adjustment, by up to +/- 1.5mm (i.e., total 3mm movement when input set in middle) is achieved from the ‘radially-free’ offset capacity of this, relatively small & compact, yet torsionally stiff, Semiflex® ‘inline’, type NFB 7.7/2-A2/A2 (old designation).

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