What Types of Poggi Right Angle Gearboxes Are There?

Here at FRANCIS AND FRANCIS, one of our most popular product Groups is the right angle gearbox produced by the Italian manufacturer Poggi. It was originally designed to connect the 2 back wheels of a tricycle to the alternating crank, foot pedal action  This versatile Range of Spiral Bevel gearboxes are now predominantly used in powered drive lines for packaging machines, while they also find a place inside similar machines found in other industries, as well as other manual cranking drives.

We stock four different Ranges of Poggi right angle gearboxes of different configurations. All of these gearboxes, aside from the stainless-steel series 5000, are made with visually attractive, lightweight, aluminium housings. They provide a smooth, high-load transmission, through Gleason Spiral-bevel gears. However, each Range has its distinctive qualities. Here are the four types of Poggi right angle gearbox that we can provide:

Series 2000

Poggi’s versatile Series 2000 4-bolt right angle gearboxes are available as 2, 3 or 4-way shaft-units in various fixed gearing speed reduction options. These Series 2000 gearboxes are compact & marked by their universal symmetry, allowing them to be installed either way up into your machine. These Spiral Bevel gearboxes feature precision, long operating life and high transmission accuracy guaranteeing extremely low noise levels and an operating life of around 10,000 hours. Fully charged with synthetic oil and with generously sized ball bearings with rubber Lip seals, these gearboxes will serve you well, with a long life.

Series A.2000 Disengaging/Reversing

Series A.2000 reversing gearboxes come with the same basic design features as the standard Series 2000 gearboxes, but boast an additional disengaging/re-engaging facility. This allows for the output drive shaft to be reversed and/or manually disconnected by rotating an external control knob. This control knob can rotate through a series of positive positions. Should you wish to disconnect the output shaft, positioning the control knob centrally fully disconnects the drive, allowing the driven output to remain idle.

Series 4000

Poggi’s Series 4000 right angle gearboxes differ from the Series 2000 gearboxes in that they only bear 3 through-body mounting holds, for bolts, instead of 4. This results from the housing shape being more like a T and provides for only one rotation for 2-way units. As a result, the Series 4000 offers slightly different shaft sizes with only two rotation speeds available. For this reason, the Series 4000 is very useful for specific applications that require the T configuration, rather than the squarer, more compact, more stable Series 2000 Range. 

Series 5000

While being dimensionally identical to and totally interchangeable with the Series 4000, the Series 5000 is a unique series of spiral bevel, right angle gearboxes, not only with housings and shafts made from the higher quality ‘AISI 316’ stainless steel, but also with both shot-blast & electro-polished housing surfaces, assisting in providing the all-important ‘ergonomic’ design (no sharp corners), which thereby prevents contamination from trapped food, etc., when being ‘washed down’.

The unique properties of this higher quality AISA 316 stainless steel give the Series 5000 superior corrosion resistance to all the other three types of Poggi right angle gearboxes (and most other suppliers), particularly in atmospheric conditions such as sea water, or when exposed to chemical substances or food.  This makes the Series 5000 the ideal choice for use in harsher environments such as those in the food, chemical or shipbuilding industries. 

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