Poggi “AISI 316 Stainless Steel” Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gear Box – A.5000 Series

Achieving EXCEPTIONAL CORROSION RESISTANCE, for application in the FOOD, PHARMACEUTICALS, SHIPBUILDING, CHEMICALS, TEXTILE, PAPER, PHOTOGRAPHIC and other Industries, POGGI’s latest innovative, ‘ergonomic’ design of the A.5000 Series, AISI 316 Stainless Steel (Gleason Spiral Bevels) Right Angle Gearboxes, matches the external, flange, connections & shaft dimensions of the A.4000 Aluminium Series; thereby enabling full ‘interchangeability’.

Selection of AISI 316, in preference to the more commonly used AISI 304, Stainless Steel, results in a substantially superior corrosion resistance, thereby offering a wider range of applications. AISI 316 performs exceptionally well in resisting corrosion in most atmospheric conditions – both normal and saline environments, such as sea water – as well as a variety of other chemical substances – and is particularly resistant to foods, where conditions are usually critical for most other steels.

The ergonomic housing design prevents any external liquid, powder or similar contamination from becoming trapped. This is enhanced by the shot blast & electro-polished housing surfaces and all external shafts, which are also of AISI 316 stainless steel, are ground.

The full Range of Male Shaft Units, with alternative fixed gearing ratios (R 1:1, & R1:2) are available from stock now and; subject to quantity, alternative variations can be produced to customers drawings.

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