Team Talk, getting to grips with new KBK Products

REH introduces the Team to the latest KBK products, aided by a Demo.

Visually perceived versatility is displayed by gripping the T-Bar Ends of the flexible Bellows/Spring Clutch SAFETY coupling in each hand & applying manual:

  1. bending, or push/pull actions – to show Angular & Axial misalignment capacity; or
  2. twisting torque, to exceed the Safety overload (pre-set by rotating the spring pressure-holding nut to its marked position).

The resultant ‘free-wheel’ stems from ‘caged’ steel ball bearings rolling out along their detent grooves. Lowering torque below its overload limit again, returns them to the next hole, if ‘symmetrical’ (after 360°, if ‘asymmetrical’) & re-connects the drive. Response is exceptionally fast; within milli-seconds. A proximity switch can cut off power by detecting axial movement of the pressure plate.

Capton Division