Another 20 x S Series Schmidt-Kupplung® & Hubs for a second £50,000 saving

Following a successful introduction on the first line, in 2006, the decision to replace a further 40 small hydraulic motors mounted on rolls, in pairs, on a second 20-stand food forming line was taken. As before, this included scrapping their inefficient, high energy consuming, hydraulic power pack source too. Higher efficiency, geared Electric Motor drive unit pairs, finely controlled by linked Inverters, provided the replacements. However, the smaller, light hydraulic motors were roll end mounted & adjusted their position with them – whereas, the much larger, longer and heavier, geared motor power units, could not be easily moved in tandem with roll adjustment and they had wider paired shaft centres than their roll centres, anyway.

Thus, just like the first line, an adjustable, offset connection was needed, to accommodate for:

  1. larger motor than roll pair centres, plus
  2. roll diameter reduction on re-grinding,
  3. separating rolls to clean, or ‘free-wheel’

So, the same solution was used: accommodating these relatively large radial ‘offset’ movements (65mm max.) – in a very short, ‘floor-space-saving’ coupling length (of only 155mm) – by installing a Schmidt-Kupplung® – with its large parallel, radially-free ‘Offset’ movement capacity, (across the coupling) of up to 95mm – to connect the geared motor to its respective roll.

Capton Division