S Series Schmidt-Kupplung® using max. Tangential offset

For a multi-station print coating test line, a batch of 4 smaller Schmidt-Kupplung®, Type S 150 were supplied to R. K. Printcoat to achieve highly accurate, precision colour print coating (one colour over another), to within microns. This demanded accurate product transfer between the 4 stations.

In the Upper drive position (see photo above on left), the motor unit is connected – some 63mm above – to the ‘Flexo’ print roll. In the Lower drive position (see photo on right) it is re-connected – some 63mm below – to the ‘Gravure’ print roll.

Furthermore, the maximum 126mm (+/- full-stretch) ‘Tangential’ offset capacity of this coupling was fully utilized to achieve alternative connections from the centrally positioned, 100 watt geared servomotor, as a common power unit, driving at 30 RPM.

Capton Division