10 x Semiflex® for vacuum card printing machine feed rolls

A roll gap height adjustment, by up to +/- 1.5mm (i.e., total 3mm movement when input set in middle) is achieved from the ‘radially-free’ offset capacity of this, relatively small & compact, yet torsionally stiff, Semiflex® ‘inline’, type NFB 7.7/2-A2/A2 (old designation).

These 10 couplings were supplied for feed roll drive connection, on vacuum transfer, card printing units, to accommodate varying card thicknesses. A consistent, high precision feed positioning accuracy – of better than 0.02mm – was essential for achieving the high quality printing required, irrespective of the material thickness. Such accuracy was achieved due to the following coupling features of:-

  • no offset reaction-loading on the shaft support bearings, and
  • highly accurate torque transmission at true constant velocity.

The finished units were eventually shipped to Egypt.

Capton Division